Covid-19 is a Global Crisis

The Global Crisis is a Double Tragedy

Not only is there a health crisis, but there is a drastic economic crisis that has been cause by Covid-19. Wealthy countries may recovery more quickly if we can come out of this in the next 6 weeks. But, what will happen to poorer countries? Countries that usually rely on the United States and other wealthy countries for help?

This is an unanswered question that most likely has a simple answer. Help may not be able to come for a very long time. Please pray for the people that live in poorer nations. Millions will suffer greatly and the Covid-19 issue may be multiplied due to lack of sufficient protective suppliers. 

From Covid-19 to Starvation

Based on the two decades that we have been serving in Central America, we foresee a very dark period if enough assistance isn’t supplied. People will go from a health crisis to a complete humanitarian crisis. With the massive job loss in a region that already struggles to keep everyone employed, their economy will collapse (if it has not already).

Many Central America countries rely on the United States, Canada, European Union, England and other nations for commerce. With each country experiencing their own “double” impact, the slowdown is going to lead to starvation. Please pray! Pray! Pray, that the Lord will send willing supplies and relief to Central America.

Helping by God’s Hand and Agape Love

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