It is wonderful see children having the freedom to learn, thrive and seek opportunities. Since 2009, the Adopt a Family

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Feeding People

The mission of helping people (Feeding People) to have access to healthy, reliable food resources is a 24/7 effort by

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Medical Missions

Over the past 20 years, the Adopt a Family Fund has supported annual mission trips to bring crucial aide to

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Thank you visiting our website. It is an honor to share our story with you. The Adopt a Family Fund was formed as a Massachusetts non-profit in 1999 and approved for 501c3 status by the Internal Revenue Service in February 2003.

It all started with a desire to obey Jesus Christ and His call to love others. A few disciples prayed and asked God how to make a positive impact on the world. His answer was “go”. His Spirit led us to choose Honduras and we obeyed His will.

Now, 24 years later we are still working to help as many people as possible. The results have been incredible. People have been lifted out of poverty, children have received educational training at school, and communities have thrived.

Thank you for your dedicated support. Learn about our efforts (Click Here).


Training of Young Adults

2023 was an exceptional year. Our team focused on making it a priority to train young adults. It was an incredible success. This has allowed our charity to build a foundation to better serve people that need a helping hand up. A hand up out of poverty into a family legacy of spiritual and economic success. 

Young adults from the United State and Honduras have been trained to meet the needs of our mission, purpose and long-term goals.

Areas of focus are as follows:

Medical Missions

Humanitarian Relief Events

Ongoing Monthly Food Distribution

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Please pray for this spiritual effort. Pray that these young people can develop hearts that put the Lord first, and an incredible passion to help spread love, peace, and kindness. 


Many people are coming to faith in the region that we serve. The church is healthy. We are pleased to report that many young people have come to believe in Jesus Christ. Our most recent trip to Honduras was outstanding (December 2023).